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Theories of Hearing

Question Answer
What is place theory? It states the frequency and produces vibrations at the spot on the basilar membrane
What is frequency theory? Frequency depends on how often auditory nerve fires
What is the Volley principle? A cluster of nerve cells that can fire neural impulses in rapid succession
Where does sound move during auditory processing? Moves from hair cells of the inner ear to the auditory nerve
What is the auditory nerve? It carries the impulses to the brains auditory areas
What does the basilar membrane do? Gives info about frequency, pitch, and sound
DOES NOT tell us where sound is located
What is the fast neural pathway? Fibers connect with the thalamus and then to the motor and sensory areas of the cerebral cortex
What is the slow neural pathway? Pain travels through the limbic system and delays the arrival of information to the cerebral cortex
What is the olfactory epithelium? Lining on the rood of the nose and it contains the sheet of receptor cells for smell
What is the kinesthetic senses? Movement, Posture, and Orientation they are impeded in muscle fibers and joints
What are vestibular senses? Balance and Movement that are embedded in muscle fibers and joints
What is the semicircular canals in the ear? Contains sensory receptors that detect head motion caused when moving or tilting your head