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Social Psych 2

Question Answer
1) A main difference between Sovereign power and Disciplinary power is: Sov- know where/who the power is
Dis- don't know where the power is.
2) One thing about disciplinary power is it is decentered, we cannot locate the power (don't know who the master is)
3) What is one distinction between prejudice and racism, as discussed in class? racism- (ism) part of a system/ institution of beliefs.
prejudice- pre- judging someone (walking down the street and crossing because someone looks shady) <- not always negative.
4) Gender can be both ___ and ____. descriptive -how gender becomes understood, describing the gender.
Normative- expectations of a "normal" male and female
Regulatory- the are controlled (not forcefully) by discourse. (act like you are white, act more black"
5) To be a "subject of" means _____ and to be "subjected to" means ___ subject of- knowledge and power.
subjected to- disciplinary practices
6) Which best describes the relation of power and knowledge to discourse? discourse is about the interrelationship to power and knowledge.
7) when we are unaware and uncritical of discourse, we become subject to: we become subject to oppressive tactics. buying into labels because we are unaware.
8) We define discourse as.. In relation to power and knowledge. (how it speaks to us) <- often institutionally. spread out by powerful machines.
9) ______is an example of agency in the film Bagdad Cafe working within the system and finding empowerment. Jasmine cleans the motel (did something that was apart of the system), it backfires and then it is appreciated.
10) Personal empowerment is different than personal power because: personal empowerment- cultural therapeutic (empowerment) help each other find resources of liberation.
personal power- buying a gun, not a therapeutic, can hurt one another (you have the power to do so)
11) In bagdad cafe, Jasmine becomes subjugated when ______ and under a form of sovereign power when ______. subjugated- she is alienated, talked about by institution (cafe), labeled.
sovereign power- the sheriff (searched her motel room) (kicked her out of the country)
12) Gender discourse as performance means that: the way in which we perform gender. (based on how they say we should act as a specific gender) " girls should act girly, and boys should act manly."
13) Racialization means: the performance of race. (whiteness, blackness)
14) A student is best described as a subject and not as identity because: because it is less powerful. (you are in the industry = you are subject of it)

subject- student, identity – lover of learning

15) Which is the most accurate description of the fundamental attribution error? you attribute some internal cause to a behavior. Call someone a bitch b/c they are mean, but they are not a bitch, just having a bad day.
16) which best describes the relationship between subjugation and discourse: When we are acting on discourse (practices), we are then subjugated.
17) The relationship between empowerment and agency is.. when one feels empowered, that person get a sense of agency. (make choices based on the empowerment)
18) The idea of the Panopticon helps us to understand how disciplinary power: the architecture of the prison and the guard in the tower. The prisoners do not know if they are being watched or not by the guard (because they cannot see him) and they behave as if they are being watched. ( the way we internalize our disciplinary power
20) Discrimination is _____ while homophobism and sexism are: discrimination: behavior in response to pre judging.
homo/sexism: a belief system within an institution.