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Sleep Stages

Question Answer
What is Stage W? the 'Wake" stage
Beta and Alpha
What do beta waves represent? Concentration and alterntess
What is Stage N1? Just starting to fall asleep
Theta Waves
What is Stage N2? Muscle activity decreasing
Sleep Spindles and Theta Waves
What is Stage N3? Delta Waves
Slowest and Highest brain waves
Deepest Sleep
What is Stage R? REM sleep=Rapid Eye Movement
Drifting up towards wakefulness
Most vivid dreaming
What are the three neurotransmitters involved in sleep? Serotonin, Norepinephrine, and Acetylcholine
What is insomnia? inability to sleep and problems falling asleep and waking up too early
What is Somnanbulism? Sleepwalking, which takes place during N2 and N3 of the sleep stages
What is sleep apnea? Windpipe fails to open, which causes you to stop breathing
What is manifest content? The story that your dream tells
What is latent content? The dreams hidden meaning
What is the default network? The neurons that are in charge of daydreaming