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Roman Test Alyssa Ngo

Question Answer
What was the center of the town with the government buildings and marketplace called? The Forum
What structures carried water into the town for the baths and fountains? Aqueducts

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What were Roman insulae? Apartment buildings in a Roman city
What building was used for chariot races? Circus
What were the continents in the Roman Empire? The continents in the Roman Empire was Asia,Europe,and Africa.
What were the major bodies of water in the political map? In the political map the major bodies in blue was the Atlantic Ocean,Mediterranean Sea,Black Sea,Red Sea,and Caspain Sea.
What were the continents in green? The continents was Europe,Asia,and Africa.
What were the coordinates for The Roman Empire on the political map? The coordinates was 41.9 north and 12.5 east.
What color was Rome colored with on the political map? The color of Rome on the political map was in red.
What is the proper title for the political map? The proper title for the political map is The Map of the Roman Empire.
What does the compass rose represent on the political map. On the political map it represents what is longitude and what is latitude.