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PVA 4th History History vocabulary

Term Definition
crab pot a large wire cage with several sections that crabs swim into but from which they cannot escape
quarry a place where stone is dug, cut, or blasted out of the ground
peninsula a piece of land almost surrounded by water
vineyard a place where grapevines are planted
inlet a narrow opening in a coastline
bog an area of soft, wet, spongy ground
bay part of a sea or lake that cuts into a coastline
gorge a deep narrow valley
glacier huge sheets of ice that cover land
hydroelectricity electricity produced by flowing water
hydropower power produced by capturing the energy of flowing water
lighthouse a tall tower with a very strong light used to guide ships
mineral metal or other resource dug from the ground
sap a liquid carrying water and food that circulates through a plant
cooperation to work together to get things done
watermen men or women who gather different kinds of seafood and fish in different seasons