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Parallel Processing

Question Answer
What is parallel processing? Sensory info travels quickly through the brain
Distribution of info across neural pathways
What is binding? Bringing together and integration of what is processed by different pathways or cells
What is the trichromatic theory? -ThomasYoung
-Produced by three different type of cone receptors in the Retina with overlapping wavelengths
What is colorblindness? When the green cone system has a malfunction
What are afterimages? Sensations that remain after a stimulus is removed
What is opponent-processing? States that the cell in the visual system responds to the red-green and blue-yellow colors
What is Figure-Ground relationships? When we pick out a figure and everything else is in the background
What is the gestalt psychology? "whole or form" believe that we get into habits when trying to organize things into a whole
What are the three gestalt principles? Closure, proximity, and similarity
What are binocular cues? The combination of images in the left and right eyes and on the way the two eyes work together
What is disparity in binocular cues? The difference between the images in both eyes
What is convergence in a binocular cues? When we use two eyes to look at something and they are focused on the same object
What are monocular cues? Depth cues available from the image in only one eye
What is linear perspective and relative size? Objects that are farther away take up less space on the retina
What is apparent movement? When we perceive a stationary object as moving
Where is all the visual information processed? In the occipital lobe…Info from the right eye is sent to the left side of the brain and info from the left eye is sent to the right side of the brain
What are the three main things that perception does? It selects. organizes, and interprets
What is automatic processing? It happens automatically
What is controlled processing? Something that you have to focus on
What are receptor conditions and whats an example? Conditions in which you experience something, physical conditions at which receptor cells are able to pick up information Ex: Babysitting and its dark and rainy and you think you see a dark figure, but you're also watching a scary movie
What is perceptual constancy? Recognition of objects being constant and unchanging even though sensory input about them is changing
What are the three types of perceptual constants? Size, Shape, and Color