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Levels of History

Term Definition
Geographical History (How do we define and analyze locations of space)

ex: states, land forms, waterways. countries

Medical History (How do we treat injured persons?)

ex: Mrs. King, Red cross, Medicine, Surgery

Artistic History (How shall we express ourselves?)

ex: Paintings, drawings, pottery, hieroglyphics

Military History (How do we defend and protect our freedoms?)

ex: US army, US air force, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard

Spiritual History (What is the meaning of life?)

ex: Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism

Political History (Who shall be in charge?)

ex: US Presidents, Democrats, Republicans, Trenton State House

Intellectual History (How shall we learn?)

ex: Books, Writing, Historical Ages, Historical Periods

Cultural History (What defines who we are and how we live?)

ex: religion, beliefs (customs, traditions, values), language, sports

Economic History (How shall we eat?)

ex: money (coins, paper money), jobs, insurance, stock market

Social History (How shall we relate to one another?)

ex: people, communicate (sign language), social media (Instagram, snap chat), conversations