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Legislative branch

Question Answer
house of rep revenue bills must originate in the house taxes
impeachment power authority to change cicvic officals with crimes
senate powers presidential conformation senate must approve
foreign treaty approval must approve presedinatl treat by 2/3 vote
tries impeachment
senate characteristic 100 members 2 form each state
serve unlimited 6 years
elections every 2 years 1/3 of all senators are up for relection
house of rep characteristic 435 voting member's have at least 1 seat
cenus determines thenumber of setas each state can change every 10 years
primary duty for legislative is to make the laws
constituent u.s citizens represented by a member of the house of represntives
house cup of hot tea connected to passionate interest of the public
senate saucer under cup cool less connected to public interest allowing for more independent thinking and rational thought
personal staff gather information on bills issues arrange meetings write speeches
lobbyist people hired by private influence govt groups decision makers
committee staff this staff drafts bills gathers information organizes committee hearings negates with lobbyist
support service library general accounting office reviews spending of federal agencies
how many steps to becoming a billl 6 steps
step 1 introduce bill introduced in either senate or house expect tax by a member of congress single or multiple reps can introduce bill
step 2 committee action bill is assigned to particular committee in its category most bills die in committee
committees can in step 2 1. pass the bill 2. mark up the bill with new 3. replace orginal with new 4. ignore the bill 5. or kill of the bill with a majority vote
rules of commitee only in he house mots powerful committee set rule for debate
step 3 floor debate senate debate, less formal no speaking limit
cloture 3/5 of the senate vote to debate
house debate more formal no filibuster
majority vote pases house reps vote debate federal govt before govt shutdown
ways to count votes in congress voice vote, standing voice, queroum call
step 4 goes to other house every law must be passed by both chamber of congress befre it can to the president
step 5 conference action members of the of both houses from orginal standing committee more compimise and come up with one final version of the bill
step 6 president action sign , veto, pcket veto
sign bill becomes law
veto bill returns to orgin
pocket veto president has 10 days to act on a pece of legistlation if he reieves the bill it goes through if not it dies
riders/pork to benfit consitutions in hope of growing their votes Christmas tree bill with many riders
logrolling congress members exchange votes bills might for frivolous reasons
rule of lobbyist too musch power and influence
filibuster practice of talking a bill to death