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Human needs & dev.

Question Answer
Psychosocial needs Needs that involve social interaction & spiritually
Hinduism Believes in the unity of everything
Wellness Balacing things that happen in everyday life
Religion The cause and nature of the universe/moral code
Cultural diversity Variety of people living and working together in the world
Mores Accepted traditional customs
Transcultural nursing The goal of providing care specific to each culture
Development disability Restricts physical and mental abilities
Need Something necessary
Christianity Following the teachings of Jesus Christ
Islam Follow the prophet Muhammed and five pillars of Islam
Buddhism Follows the teachings of Buddha
Health State of physical mental and social well-being
Puberty A person develops secondary sex characteristics
Judaism Follow the teachings of God
Stereotype Based on opinions and distorted ideas
Spiritually Relating to the concerns of the spirit
Ageism Discrimination against the elderly
Cultural competence Learning about other cultures in applying that knowledge
Atheist A person who believes that there is no god
Agnostic Cannot know if god exists