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Question Answer
Year Louisiana Purchase was finalized 1803
2 accomplishments of Jefferson University of Virginia founder, Author of DOP
3. Amount Jefferson offered to pay for Louisiana 16 million
4. 2 Diplomats Jefferson sent to France to negotiate the purchase of New Orleans James Monroe, Robert Livingston
5. 2nd president of the US John Adams
6. Louisiana's square milage 831,990 sq. miles
7. Followers of Hamilton federalist
8. Emperor of France that sold Louisiana Napoleon
9. Followers of Jefferson were called Democratic-Republicans
10. They led the exploration of Louisiana Lewis & Clark
11. 3 original members of Washington's cabinent Thomas Jefferson-Secretary of State, Henry Know, Secretary of War, Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of Treasury
12. What is the idea that the US should expand from the Atlantic to the Pacific Manifest Destiny
13. The emperor of France that sold Louisiana Napoleon
14. The Indian scout/translator that went along on the exploration of Louisiana SaceJawan