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Question Answer
What is loudness? The perception of sounds waves amplitude
What is timbre? The tone saturation, perceptual quality of the sound
What does the outer ear consist of? The pinna and the external auditory canal
Collects the sound an channels it into the ear
What does the middle ear consist of? Hammer, Eardrum, Anvil, and Stirrup
They vibrate and send sound waves to fluid filled inner ear
What separates the outer ear from the middle ear? The tympanic membrane and its the first structure that sound touches
What does the inner ear consist of? Oval Window, Cochlea, and the Basilar Membrane
Convert sound into neural impulses and send them to the brain
What is the cochlea? The fluid filled structure
What is the basilar membrane? It lines the inner wall of the cochlea and run the entire length
What do the hair cells line and what is their job? Hair cells line the basilar membrane and they are the sensory receptors
What is the techtoral membrane? The hair cells generate impulses interpreted as sound