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H.E.I. Flashcards Human Environment Interaction Flashcards

Term Definition
Intended Consequences Planned results, usually positive
Unintended Consequences Unplanned results, usually negative
Irrigation Using ditches to bring water to crops
Terrace Farming "Steps" of level areas carved into hills for farming
Urbanization Movement of people into cities
Deforestation Clearing a forest of trees so it is no longer a forest
Pollution Contamination of the environment by harmful substances
Construction of Dams Wall of earth, rock or concrete to create a reservoir (lake)
Seismic Activity Earthquakes and other movements of Earth's Crust
Stilt Houses Houses built on poles to raise them off the ground
Agriculture Farming, growing crops and raising animals for food
Culture Way of life of a group of people. (Language, foods, music, art, religion, literature)
Cultural Diffusion Movement of products and ideas from one place to another
Canals Man made water ways to create transportation routes and to water crops
Desertification The process of good land turning into desert.
Desalination The process of removing salt water from ocean water to make fresh water
Push Factors Forces that drive people away from a place (Negative/bad)
Pull Factors Forces that draw people to immigrate to a place (Positive/good)
Migration Movement of people from one place to another to live
Social Factors Things relating to life and human society; discrimination, intolerance and religion
Political Factors Things related to the government, laws and war
Economic Factors Things related to money, trade, goods and services
Environmental Factors Things related to the environment, climate and natural disasters
Silk Road Overland trade route between China and Middle East and Rome
Cultural Region A way of life of a group of people: language, religion, history, music, food, etc
Net Migration Rate The rate of people moving into a country minus the number of people moving out of the country.
Immigrate To move INto a country.
Emigrate To move OUT (exit) a country.