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Question Answer
What area of brain controls temperature
Rate at which heat is produced when body is at rest
Hypothalamus controls the thyroid
Things that increase heat in the body Environment
How do you lose heat Evaporate or sweating
Pyrexia Is a fever
100.2 Is a fever
101.3 Typically when you treat a fever
Normal temp 97.5 – 99.5
F = C x 1.8 + 32
C = f -32 dividend by 1.8
Core body temperature is most accurate What's most accurate temperature
15-30 mins How long you Take temp after eating something hot or cold
How to cool Cool drinks
Sponge bath warm
Take blankets off
Hypothermia Any temperature below 95 degrees
Basil dilation Higher temperature
Basil constriction Colder temps
Pulse Heart contracts creates wave and you feel a pulse
Radial pulse Most common place to feel a pulse
Take apical pulse Apical is listened is abnormal pulse
60 to 100 Normal heart rate
Pedal pulse Found in back ankle foot
Arrhythmia Irregular pulse
Thready heart beat Weak or irregular
Breathing out carbon dioxide
Breathing in oxygen
Controls respirations Brain stem
Normal respiratory rate 12 to 20
Hypoxia Low oxygen levels in the blood
Oxygen rate 95 or greater
Cyanosis Bluish discoloration
Hypoxia Restlessness
Eupnea Normal heart rate
Tachypnea Increased respirations
Kussmaul Fruity smell
Crackles Fluid lungs
Rhonchi Mucus
Incentive spirometer Ball machine for breathing
Normal blood pressure 120 over 80
Sphygmomanometer Blood pressure cup
Korotkoff Sounds while taking blood pressure
High blood pressure 140/90

Assessment for times 3 separate occasions

Pain 5th vital sign
Pain assessment should include Intensity
Adema Heart is not functioning correctly
Palpation Touch to patient to evaluate
Right upper Liver
Left upper Stomach
Left lower quadrant Colon
Right lower quadrant Pain
Palpation Looking for pain and discomfort
Focus exam Assessment of patient showing signs
Spiritually Is different than religion
Religion Is belief
Christianity God
Most common religion
Catholic Sacrament of the sick anointing Done by the priest
Rosary beads
Christianity Communion
Islamic Common middle eastern
Allah. Muslims pray facing Mecca
No pork
Very modest and keep them selves covered
Male makes medical decisions
Judaism Jewish A rabbi
Kosher diets
Follow Sabbath Friday to Saturday sun up sundown
Matriarch Woman in charge
Patriarchy Men in charge
Equalitarianism Equal share between male and female
Asian pacific Buddhism
Ying yang
Hispanic Prayer
American Indians Shaman medicine man
European American White
Future oriented
Scientific views on medicine
Arab Americans Muslim