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450-1066 OLD ENGLISH This period of literature spans from the invasion of Celtic England by the Germanic tribes in the first half of the fifth century to the Battle of Hastings and the conquest of England by William the Conqueror. Literature during this time developed from
450-1066 OLD ENGLISH CONT an oral tradition, and in the eighth century, poetry appeared. The epic poenm Beowulf was written. Caedmon and Cynewulf were two poest of this period who wrote on biblical and religious themes.
1066-1500 MIDDLE ENGLISH PERIOD The literature of this period was written during the four and a half centuries between the Norman Conquest and 1500,at which point the language derived from the dialect of the London area became known as Modern English. The writing of this period have
1066-1500 MIDDLE ENGLISH PERIOD CONT. secular rather than religious themes, and the best known are The Canterbury Tales by Geoffry Chaucer and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by an unkown author
1500-1660 THE RENAISSANCE Writers prominent during the beginning of this period were Sir Thomas More and Sir Thomas Wyatt. The four subsets of this period are described in the following paragraphs
1558-1603 ELIZABETHAN AGE The Elizabethan Age coincides with the reign of Elizabeth I. The literature of this time reflects medieval tradition and the optimism of the Renaissance. The major styles of literature of this period are lyric poetry, prose, and drama. Among the major
1558-1603 ELIZABETHAN AGE writers of the time are William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlow, Edmund Spenser,Sir Wa;ter Raleigh, and Ben Johnson
1603-1625 JACOBEAN AGE The Jacobean Age Coincides with the Reign of James I. The Literature became more sophisticated and full of rivalry during this period.Works Produced include the King James Bible and the poetry and prose of John Donne,Francis Bacon, and Thomas Middleton
1625-1660 Caroline Age The Caroline Age coincides with the Reign of charles I. This age produced a group of poets known as the Cavalier Poets. and the Dramatists of this period were the last to write in the Elizabethan tradition
1649-1660 Commonwealth Period The commonwealth period aka Puritan Interregnum – the literature written during the time Oliver Cromwell ruled England. Major writers of the period include John Milton, Thomas Hobbes, and Andrew Marvell. In 1642, the Puritans closed the theaters on moral
1649-1660 Commonwealth Period and religious grounds. The theaters remained closed for 18 years
1660-1785 Neoclassical Period This period was heavily influenced by the French Literature lof the day. Literature of this time is known for its use of philosophy, reason, skepticism, wit, and refinement. The three subsets next
1660-1700 Restoration The Restoration is so called because it was the time during which the monarchy was restored and reason and tolerance triumphed over religious and political passion. Writers of this period produced prose, poetry, and comedy. Milton wrote Paradise Lost and
1660-1700 Restoration Cont. Paradise Regained during this period. Other major authors are John Dryden and John Locke.
1700-1745 Augustan Age (or Age of Pope) The Augustan Age featured the works of Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope, and Daniel Defoe. The characteristics of the writings of this time are refinement, clarity, elegance, and balanced judgment.
1745-1785 Age of Sensibility(or Age of Johnson) During the Age of Sensibility, lit began to emphasize instinct and feeling rather than judgment and restraint . Interest in medieval ballads and folk literature arose at this time Samuel Johnson prominent author. Novels Clarissa 1748 sam richardson
Gerund Phrases A gerund is a verb form which functions as a noun and ends in -ing (e.g. asking in do you mind my asking you? A gerund phrase will begin with a gerund, an ing word, and might include other modifiers and/or objects. Gerund phrases always function as nouns,
Total Physical Response he method relies on the assumption that when learning a second or additional language Students respond to commands that require physical movement
1785-1830 Romantic Period very personal, used symbolism, and explores nature and supernatural. Writers include Sam coleridge, will wordsworth, Jane Austen, lord Byron. Gothic Lit began at this time. lit takes place in gloomy settings
1832-1901 Victorian Period when Victoria assumed throne 1837 and death in 1901. Lit dealt with contemporary issues, Industrial Revolution, class tensions,feminist movement, impact of Charles Darwin's theory of Evolution. two Lit movements Pre-Raphaelites and Aesthecticism and Decad
1848-1860 Pre Raphaelites formed by english artists focused on truthfulness, simplicity, and religious devotion in painting before Raphael and italian renaissance incorporated to writing
1880-1900 Aestheticism and Decadence Movement outgrowth of french movementof the same name.authors encouraged experimentation and held the view art is opposed to natural norms of morality. Writers opposed the domination or sci thinking. phrase art for arts sake . Oscar Wilde
1901 1914 Edwardian Period King Edward VII writers commented on the prevailing social condition poverty. George Shaw/HG Wells attacked injustice and insensitivity. William Yeats Joseph Conrad Rudyard Kipling henry james EM Forster
1910-1936 Georgian Period George V. Many / writers of edwardian period wrote during this period. Era produced poets known as The Georgian poets. focused on rural subject matter and is traditional in technique and form
1914-1945 Moder Period WWI authors experimented with subject matter, form, and style. WB Yeats T.S. Eliot Dylan Thomas Seamus Heaney
1945-Present Postmodern Period followed WWII It blends literary genres and styles in an attempt to be free of modernist forms
1607-1776 Colonial Period US First settlement in Jamestown to beginning of revolution. Religous,practical or historical themes. John Winthrop Cotton Mather
1765-1790 Revolutionary Age US 1776 Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense and Thomas Jefferson wrote THe Declaration of Independence. 1781 Aritcle of Confederation Ratified. Federalist Papers were written Alexander Hamilton, james madison, john jay 1787-1788. Constitution 1787 ratified 1789
1775-1828 Early National Period US wrote in english styles but settings themes and character were american. Washington Irving James Cooper Edger allen Poe
1828-1865 Romantic Period US Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Thoreaus.Edger Poe.
1865-1900 Realistic Period US Civil War/ Realistic Fiction. Believable characters in realistic scenarios. common place ordinary. Mark Twain, Henry James , Bret Hart, and Kate Chopin
1900-1914 Naturalistic Period US writers attempted to represent people and events with even more accuracy than realistic period.higher order animals whose behavior based on heredity and environment. Stephen Crane, Jack London , Theodore Dreiser
1914-1939 American Modernist Period US similar to British Modern. matter form style. Robert frost , Will Williams, Edna St. Millay, EE cummings. / Jazz Age F Fitzgerald
1939-Present Contemporary Period US end WWII Eudora Welty John Updike, Kurt Vonnegut, Maya Angelou
Literature Logs are written responses that students provide after reading specific selections. Responses are basis for Group discussions
Book Conferences Between Student & teacher – opportunity to share ideas, thoughts, and feelings about the book.
Literature Circles groups that come together for the specific purpose of discussing a designated book literary genre, or author.