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Early cultures flash to help me with early cultures

Question Answer
Inuit Lived in the arctic of Alaska and Canada with below freezing temperatures
kwakiutl lived the pacific Northwest coast with rainy,mild climate,lived in plank houses
Lakota Lived in the dry grasslands of the Great Plains.Lived in tepees.Hunted buffalo
pueblo lived in the southwest United states. Desert areas and areas bordering cliffs and mountains.
Iroquois lived in the forests of the Eastern woodlands that were heavily forested
Indian food Hunted,fished,and harvested crops for food
Indian clothes Made of animal skins and plants
Indian shelter made of resources found in their environments like sod,stones,animals skins,and wood
Geography and climate Factors that affected how the Americans Indians met their basic needs
Archeologist people who study human behavior and cultures of the past through discover and analysis of artifacts
natural resources things that come directly from nature
Human resources people working to produce goods or services
Capital resources goods produced and used to make other goods or services
cactus hill one of the oldest archaeological sites of NorthAmerica