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Dylan SS 3 Key People

Term Definition
Montezuma 1502-1520 Aztec figure who fought against Cortes and lost. Due to cultural difference between tribes, Montezuma quickly lost his empire.
Sequoyah 1760-1845 Sequoyah is the only person in history to have created a written language by himself.
Cherokee 1500B.C.E-Present The Cherokee were a Northern Native American Tribe that migrated to the North Carolina Area, and become a major player in the colonization of the south.
Martin Luther 1483 C.E. -1546 C.E. Martin Luther was a Monk in Germany, who disagreed with his boss the Pope, about various issues. He started his own religion after post 95 arguments on a church door.
Mississippians 800 C.E. 1600 C.E. A group of Native Americans who lived along the Mississippi River. They were an advanced culture that built pyramid like structures.
Lenape 1500s C.E. – Present Native Americans that lived in New Jersey, Southern New York, Eastern PA, and Delaware. They were also known as the Delaware tribe, and made multiple treaties during the colonial period
Navajo 1400s C.E. – Present Native American Tribe that settled after the Anasazi left the area. They also, helped during WWII as Code Talkers.
Code Talkers 1940s C.E. A group of Navajo who helped Americans send message without the Japanese decoding the messages.
Leif Erikson 990s C.E. Leif Erikson was the first European to settle and explore the North American Continent 500 years before Christopher Columbus.
Amerigo Vespucci Early 1500s C.E. Amerigo Vespucci gave his name to the continent of America because of his ability to recognize it as a separate land. Yet, unknown to most Europeans
Mansa Musa Early 1300s C.E. Islamic King whose wealth pushed Europe to continue to explore, look for wealth outside of Europe.,richest man to ever have lived, was a king with a revolutionary set-up of government
Leonardo Da Vinci Late 1400s C.E. A man who pushed the Italian renaissance into a more scientific approach to technology, biology, and art.
Ferdinand Magellan 1500s-1520s C.E. An explorer who travelled the world and helped to create a desire for Europe to explore different regions.
Christopher Columbus 1492 C.E. An explorer who believe he could reach Asia via the Atlantic Ocean, without having to pay a tariff to African Nations.
Hernan Cortes Early 1500s C.E. An Explorer who settled, and conquered much of South American in the name of Spain.