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Dylan SS 2 Key Events

Term Definition
Anasazi 700 C.E. – 1300 C.E A group of Native Americans that built home within the cliffs of the four corners of the United States
Tuscarora War 1711 C.E. – 1715 C.E. A war fought between Cherokee and English against the Tuscarora Native Americans
Migration to North America The Native Americans either came over the Bering Strait, or utilized canoes from Eastern Asia18000 B.C.E
Agriculture 8000 B.C.E Farming takes root in North America
Building of Cahokia 900 B.C.E Massive Mounds are built in Illinos on the scale of pyramids in Egypt
Mansa Musa's Pilgrimage 1324 C.E. When Mansa Musa traveled to Mecca(the whole land of Islam) he built Mosques, and house along the way. He was so rich he caused inflation in Cairo due to how much gold he gave out.
Renaissance 1500s C.E. A period in which technology, art, and science grew in Europe. The advancement lead to the growth of European power.
Portugal Trading Missions Late 1400s C.E. Portugal was trading with nations around the world to gain better resources, and grow its economic(money) power
Voyages to America 1000s C.E. Leif Ericson was able to settle and colonize parts of North America. However, they failed due to bad relations with the Native Americans.
Black Plague 1300s A third of europe died during the 1300s due to an epidemic in Europe.