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Chapter 3

Term Definition
assimilation the process of acquiring culture
Banks, James an American educator
bilingual education students of limited or no English- speaking ability to attend classes taught in English
cultural difference theory asserts that academic problems can be overcome if educators study and meditate the cultural gap separating school and home
cultural pluralism acceptance and encouragement of cultural diversity
culturally responsive teaching approach to multicultural education that recognizes that students learn in different ways
culture a set of learned beliefs, values, and behaviors
deficit theory asserts that the values, language patterns, and behaviors that children from certain racial and ethnic groups bring to school put them at an educational disadvantage
demographic forecasting the study and predictions of people and their vital statistics
dual-language instruction students develop cognitively in both languages, learning about the culture and the history of their ethnic group
English as a Second Language an immersion approach to bilingual education that removes students from the regular classroom to provide instruction in English
English language learners students whose native language is not English and are learning to speak and write English
English- only movement those who support this movement feel that English is a nation's primary vehicle of communication
ethnicity shared common cultural traits such as language, religion, and dress
expectation theory holds that student's attitudes and beliefs about that student's academic potential are modified
generalizations broad statements about a group that offers information, clues, and insights that can help a teacher plan more effectively
immersion a bilingual education model that teaches students with limited English
Ladson- Billings, Gloria developed three promising culturally responsive principles for teaching not only for African American children but for others as well
language submersion an approach where either students learned to speak English as they sat in class or they failed school
Lau v. Nichols class action lawsuit centered on Kinney Lau and thousands of other Chinese students from the San Francisco area who were failing their courses because they could not understand English
maintenance approach designed to help children develop academic skills in both their native language