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7th English vocabulary words

Term Definition
Clarify , v make clear
context n. surrounding text or information
reveal v. make known
significance n. meaning, important
verify prove to be true
narrative writeing any type of writing that tells a story
narration story told in cronological order
ignored paid no attention to
resumed began again continued
quest a long search for somthing
adequate enough
deceive make someone believe something that is not true
transformation change
ignorant not knowing facts or information
first -person point of view the narrator is participating in the story
third person point of view the narrator is not a character in the story
strategy set of plans used to gain sucess or achive an aim
compelled forced
improvising makeing up or inventing on spur of the moment
twine strong string or cord twisted together
aquainted familiar
fiction tells about an imaginary story
nonfiction a story that is real
reassuring the effect of restoring confidence
contraption device or machine regarded as strange
formidable impressive
epidemic out break of a contagious disease
flushed drove from hiding
evidently clearly; obvisouly
previous occurring before in time or order
recall to call back; remember
authors purpose to use the background information to determine the authors pourpuse
background a persons experience or knowledge
establish determine or to make sure of
prior coming before in time or earlier
setting is the time and place of the action
slackening easing; becoming less active
vital extremely important or necessary
tumultuously noisy or violent
resilient spring back into shape
refugee a person who flees home or country to seek shelter from a war or cruelty
porridge soft food made from cereal boiled in water or milk
permanent lasting for all time
vowed promised solemnly
historical context the actual political and social events and trends of the time can explain why characters act and think the way the way they do
diplomats government representatives who work with other nations
summoned called together
intrigue curic
characters the people or animals who take place in a story's action
character's motivatin the reason or reasons that explain why characters act as they do
characterization the way a writer reveals a character's personality and qualities
direct characterization when the writer describes the character
indirect characterization when the writer reveals the character through speech and actions
theme the central message expressed in a story
exposition introduction to the setting
rising action introduces the conflict or problem
climax is the turning point of the story
falling action the part of a story when the conflict lessens
resolution is the story's conclusion
literary devices the tools writers use to enhance their writing
foreshadowing the use of clues early in a story to hint at events that are going to occur later
flash back the placement of a scene with in the story that interrupts the sequence of event to reveal past occurrences
irony the general name given to literary techniques that involve surprising, interesting, or amusing contradictions
dialect the form of a language spoken by people in a particular region or group
prediction is an informed idea about what will happen based on details in the text and on your own experience
predict to say what is going to happen in the future
indicate to point something out or to point to something
verify to check weather or not something is true
anticipate to consider something before it hapens
plot the sequence of events in a story
root a word that is a part that determines an important part of the meaning of a word
timid showing shyness
initiation process by which one becomes a member of a group
neglected failed to take care of
revived came back from consciousness
immenesly a great deal
consolation something that comforts a disappointed person