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Term Definition
phil love
fort strong
fulg shine or flash
culp blame
circum around
sub under
per through
ambul walk
syn together
ven come
lent full of
fract break
bell war
ous full of
amor love
se apart
hend grasp
luc light
bell war
greg group
fid faith
sanct holy
anim mind
loqu talk
plus add
feculent foul,disgusting
amorous affectionate,loving
refractory stubborn
pompus proud,arrogant
belligerent aggressive,hostile
subjugate to bring under submission,to control
perambulate to wander through
synthesize to combine into a single unit
perceive to recognize,to identify,to understand
convene to meet together
sequester to set apart
lucid characterized by clear perception or understanding
reprehend to scold,reprove,chide
gregarious sociable,talkative
bellow to roar,to violently shout
fidelity loyalty
sacrosanct sacred,holy
animosity feeling of strong dislike
loquacious talkative
nonplussed confused
philanthropy the generous giving pf one's resources to help others
fortitude calmness of mind in dangerous or chaotic situations
refulgent shining
culpable guilty,blameable
circumvent to get around,dodge