Dylan SS 3 Key People

Term Definition
Montezuma 1502-1520 Aztec figure who fought against Cortes and lost. Due to cultural difference between tribes, Montezuma quickly lost his empire.
Sequoyah 1760-1845 Sequoyah is the only person in history to have created a written language by himself.
Cherokee 1500B.C.E-Present The Cherokee were a Northern Native American Tribe that migrated to the North Carolina Area, and become a major player in the colonization of the south.
Martin Luther 1483 C.E. -1546 C.E. Martin Luther was a Monk in Germany, who disagreed with his boss the Pope, about various issues. He started his own religion after post 95 arguments on a church door.
Mississippians 800 C.E. 1600 C.E. A group of Native Americans who lived along the Mississippi River. They were an advanced culture that built pyramid like structures.
Lenape 1500s C.E. – Present Native Americans that lived in New Jersey, Southern New York, Eastern PA, and Delaware. They were also known as the Delaware tribe, and made multiple treaties during the colonial period
Navajo 1400s C.E. – Present Native American Tribe that settled after the Anasazi left the area. They also, helped during WWII as Code Talkers.
Code Talkers 1940s C.E. A group of Navajo who helped Americans send message without the Japanese decoding the messages.
Leif Erikson 990s C.E. Leif Erikson was the first European to settle and explore the North American Continent 500 years before Christopher Columbus.
Amerigo Vespucci Early 1500s C.E. Amerigo Vespucci gave his name to the continent of America because of his ability to recognize it as a separate land. Yet, unknown to most Europeans
Mansa Musa Early 1300s C.E. Islamic King whose wealth pushed Europe to continue to explore, look for wealth outside of Europe.,richest man to ever have lived, was a king with a revolutionary set-up of government
Leonardo Da Vinci Late 1400s C.E. A man who pushed the Italian renaissance into a more scientific approach to technology, biology, and art.
Ferdinand Magellan 1500s-1520s C.E. An explorer who travelled the world and helped to create a desire for Europe to explore different regions.
Christopher Columbus 1492 C.E. An explorer who believe he could reach Asia via the Atlantic Ocean, without having to pay a tariff to African Nations.
Hernan Cortes Early 1500s C.E. An Explorer who settled, and conquered much of South American in the name of Spain.


Question Answer
What is loudness? The perception of sounds waves amplitude
What is timbre? The tone saturation, perceptual quality of the sound
What does the outer ear consist of? The pinna and the external auditory canal
Collects the sound an channels it into the ear
What does the middle ear consist of? Hammer, Eardrum, Anvil, and Stirrup
They vibrate and send sound waves to fluid filled inner ear
What separates the outer ear from the middle ear? The tympanic membrane and its the first structure that sound touches
What does the inner ear consist of? Oval Window, Cochlea, and the Basilar Membrane
Convert sound into neural impulses and send them to the brain
What is the cochlea? The fluid filled structure
What is the basilar membrane? It lines the inner wall of the cochlea and run the entire length
What do the hair cells line and what is their job? Hair cells line the basilar membrane and they are the sensory receptors
What is the techtoral membrane? The hair cells generate impulses interpreted as sound

Lesson 6

Question Answer
Also -mo
Become…= -ni nar-
Before= Mae
British Igirisu-jin
But …kedo / …-GA
Cancelled Chuushi
Complicated Fukuzatsu-na
Convienient Benri-na
Cooking Ryouri
Depressing Yuua??utsu-na
Disliked …ga kirai-na
Document Shorui
Dona??t have …-ga na-i
Due to …-de
Fabulous Suteki-na
Favorite Shiawase-na
Gentleman Shinshi
German Doitsu-jin
Good at… …-ga jouza-na
Holiday Yasumi
I think …to omo<w>i-masu
Important Daiji-na
Inconvenient Fuben-na
Keep Hokan-su/shi
Kind Shinsetsu-na
Lady Josei/ ona??na-no hito
Lively Nigiyaka-na
Make… …= …-o…-ni su/shi
Mobile phone Keitai-denwa
Night Yoru / ban
Or Sore-tomo
Poor at… Ga heta-na
Poor Binbou-na
Precious Kichou-na
Pretty / clean Kirei-na
Price Nedan
Problem Mondai
Quiet Shizuka-na
Rich O-kanemochi-na
Safe Anzen
Same as… …-to onaji
School Gaka??kou
Subway Chikatetsu
Time Jikan
Unfortunate Fukou-na
With care Daiji
Wrap Tsutsum

mastering geology 3

Question Answer
Foliation metamorphism by combing (pressure)
Deposition the process of sediment dropping out of the current and no longer being transported
lithification converting sediment to rock by compaction and cementation
clasts products of weathering
sediments pieces of solid material that have been deposited on the earth's surface by wind, water, ice, gravity, and precipitation
detrial sedimentary rocks composed of clasts and parent material
chemical sedimentary rocks made of ions that precipitate out of solution
biological sedimentary formed from living/dead things
low grade metamorphism can still identify what the parent material is
high grade metamorphism the rock has been altered so you can not identify the parent material
What are the stages of the rock cycle? Melting, cooling, weathering, lithification, metamorphing
erosion transport of the products of weathering high transportrate
extrusive cools quickly
intrusive cools slowly
amorphic crystaline structure without shape
metamorphic rock the parent rock is changed by exposure to high temperature, high pressure, or both; made by heat and pressure
Earth's layers? Inner core, outer core, lower mantle, upper mantle, asthenosphere, lithosphere, continental crust, oceanic crust
Characteristics of slate? fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock derived from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low-grade regional metamorphism
Characteristics of schist? Grain size – fine to medium grained; can often see crystals with the naked eye. Color – variable – often alternating lighter and darker bands, often shiny.
Characteristics of gneiss? Gneiss is a medium- to coarse-grained, semischistose metamorphic rock. It is characterized by alternating light and dark bands differing in mineral composition
Characteristics of marble? Image result for characteristics of marble
Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to the heat and pressure of metamorphism.

Social Psych 2

Question Answer
1) A main difference between Sovereign power and Disciplinary power is: Sov- know where/who the power is
Dis- don't know where the power is.
2) One thing about disciplinary power is it is decentered, we cannot locate the power (don't know who the master is)
3) What is one distinction between prejudice and racism, as discussed in class? racism- (ism) part of a system/ institution of beliefs.
prejudice- pre- judging someone (walking down the street and crossing because someone looks shady) <- not always negative.
4) Gender can be both ___ and ____. descriptive -how gender becomes understood, describing the gender.
Normative- expectations of a "normal" male and female
Regulatory- the are controlled (not forcefully) by discourse. (act like you are white, act more black"
5) To be a "subject of" means _____ and to be "subjected to" means ___ subject of- knowledge and power.
subjected to- disciplinary practices
6) Which best describes the relation of power and knowledge to discourse? discourse is about the interrelationship to power and knowledge.
7) when we are unaware and uncritical of discourse, we become subject to: we become subject to oppressive tactics. buying into labels because we are unaware.
8) We define discourse as.. In relation to power and knowledge. (how it speaks to us) <- often institutionally. spread out by powerful machines.
9) ______is an example of agency in the film Bagdad Cafe working within the system and finding empowerment. Jasmine cleans the motel (did something that was apart of the system), it backfires and then it is appreciated.
10) Personal empowerment is different than personal power because: personal empowerment- cultural therapeutic (empowerment) help each other find resources of liberation.
personal power- buying a gun, not a therapeutic, can hurt one another (you have the power to do so)
11) In bagdad cafe, Jasmine becomes subjugated when ______ and under a form of sovereign power when ______. subjugated- she is alienated, talked about by institution (cafe), labeled.
sovereign power- the sheriff (searched her motel room) (kicked her out of the country)
12) Gender discourse as performance means that: the way in which we perform gender. (based on how they say we should act as a specific gender) " girls should act girly, and boys should act manly."
13) Racialization means: the performance of race. (whiteness, blackness)
14) A student is best described as a subject and not as identity because: because it is less powerful. (you are in the industry = you are subject of it)

subject- student, identity – lover of learning

15) Which is the most accurate description of the fundamental attribution error? you attribute some internal cause to a behavior. Call someone a bitch b/c they are mean, but they are not a bitch, just having a bad day.
16) which best describes the relationship between subjugation and discourse: When we are acting on discourse (practices), we are then subjugated.
17) The relationship between empowerment and agency is.. when one feels empowered, that person get a sense of agency. (make choices based on the empowerment)
18) The idea of the Panopticon helps us to understand how disciplinary power: the architecture of the prison and the guard in the tower. The prisoners do not know if they are being watched or not by the guard (because they cannot see him) and they behave as if they are being watched. ( the way we internalize our disciplinary power
20) Discrimination is _____ while homophobism and sexism are: discrimination: behavior in response to pre judging.
homo/sexism: a belief system within an institution.

Legislative branch

Question Answer
house of rep revenue bills must originate in the house taxes
impeachment power authority to change cicvic officals with crimes
senate powers presidential conformation senate must approve
foreign treaty approval must approve presedinatl treat by 2/3 vote
tries impeachment
senate characteristic 100 members 2 form each state
serve unlimited 6 years
elections every 2 years 1/3 of all senators are up for relection
house of rep characteristic 435 voting member's have at least 1 seat
cenus determines thenumber of setas each state can change every 10 years
primary duty for legislative is to make the laws
constituent u.s citizens represented by a member of the house of represntives
house cup of hot tea connected to passionate interest of the public
senate saucer under cup cool less connected to public interest allowing for more independent thinking and rational thought
personal staff gather information on bills issues arrange meetings write speeches
lobbyist people hired by private influence govt groups decision makers
committee staff this staff drafts bills gathers information organizes committee hearings negates with lobbyist
support service library general accounting office reviews spending of federal agencies
how many steps to becoming a billl 6 steps
step 1 introduce bill introduced in either senate or house expect tax by a member of congress single or multiple reps can introduce bill
step 2 committee action bill is assigned to particular committee in its category most bills die in committee
committees can in step 2 1. pass the bill 2. mark up the bill with new 3. replace orginal with new 4. ignore the bill 5. or kill of the bill with a majority vote
rules of commitee only in he house mots powerful committee set rule for debate
step 3 floor debate senate debate, less formal no speaking limit
cloture 3/5 of the senate vote to debate
house debate more formal no filibuster
majority vote pases house reps vote debate federal govt before govt shutdown
ways to count votes in congress voice vote, standing voice, queroum call
step 4 goes to other house every law must be passed by both chamber of congress befre it can to the president
step 5 conference action members of the of both houses from orginal standing committee more compimise and come up with one final version of the bill
step 6 president action sign , veto, pcket veto
sign bill becomes law
veto bill returns to orgin
pocket veto president has 10 days to act on a pece of legistlation if he reieves the bill it goes through if not it dies
riders/pork to benfit consitutions in hope of growing their votes Christmas tree bill with many riders
logrolling congress members exchange votes bills might for frivolous reasons
rule of lobbyist too musch power and influence
filibuster practice of talking a bill to death

Irregular verbs

Question Answer
Write Wrote


Drive Drove


Ride Rode


Rise Rose


Freeze Froze


Wake Woke


Steal Stole


Break Broke


Speak Spoke


Forget Forgot


Give Gave


Forgive Forgave


Choose Chose


Take Took


Mistake Mistook


Beat Beat


Bite Bit


Hide Hid


Fall Fell


Be Was/were


Eat Ate


Forbid Forbade


Do Did


Go Went


Bear Bore


Wear Wore


Swear Swore


Tear Tore


See Saw


Know Knew


Grow Grew


Throw Threw


Blow Blew


Fly Flew


Draw Drew


Begin Began


Drink Drank


Swim Swam


Sing Sang


Ring Rang


Sink Sank





Run Ran


Come Came


Become Became


Lie (on) Lay


Theories of Hearing

Question Answer
What is place theory? It states the frequency and produces vibrations at the spot on the basilar membrane
What is frequency theory? Frequency depends on how often auditory nerve fires
What is the Volley principle? A cluster of nerve cells that can fire neural impulses in rapid succession
Where does sound move during auditory processing? Moves from hair cells of the inner ear to the auditory nerve
What is the auditory nerve? It carries the impulses to the brains auditory areas
What does the basilar membrane do? Gives info about frequency, pitch, and sound
DOES NOT tell us where sound is located
What is the fast neural pathway? Fibers connect with the thalamus and then to the motor and sensory areas of the cerebral cortex
What is the slow neural pathway? Pain travels through the limbic system and delays the arrival of information to the cerebral cortex
What is the olfactory epithelium? Lining on the rood of the nose and it contains the sheet of receptor cells for smell
What is the kinesthetic senses? Movement, Posture, and Orientation they are impeded in muscle fibers and joints
What are vestibular senses? Balance and Movement that are embedded in muscle fibers and joints
What is the semicircular canals in the ear? Contains sensory receptors that detect head motion caused when moving or tilting your head

EKG 101 WEEK 2

Question Answer
High BP Hypertension
inflammation of the heart muscle Myocarditis
a condition in which there is a bld clot c in the system Thrombosis
Enlargement of the heart Cardiomegaly
lack of rhythm Arrhythmia
Severe chest pains Angina
veins return bld from the placenta umbilical
A decrease in cardiac output associated with aging may result in an increased incidence of congestive heart failure (CHF). True
is the leading cause of death among men and women . Heart disease
A diary of daily activities is part of the procedure for performing which of the following? Holter monitor

Spanish 7th Infinitives

Term Definition
patinar to skate
jugar videojuegos to play video games
usar la computadora to use the computer
esquiar to ski
trabajar to work
practicar deportes to play sports
bailar to dance
nadar to swim
escuchar musica to listen to music
hablar por telefono to talk on the telephone
ver la tele to watch television
dibujar to draw
tocar la guitara to play the guitar
correr to run
ir a la escuela to go to school
leer revistas to read magazines
montar en bicicleta to ride a bicycle
cantar to sing
escribir cuentos to write stories
pasar tiempo con amigos to spend time with friends
montar en monopatin to skateboard
?Que te gusta hacer? What do you like to do?
?Te gusta________? Do you like to_________?
Me gusta_________ I like to__________
No me gusta_________ I don't like to_____________